Clowns have always been associated with cheerful children’s parties when a face-painted figure in a funny costume blows different faces and entertains the crowd. But these fun-makers are incredibly popular not only with kids, but also with adults. Clowns actually are, so to say, niche artists because their overall acceptance seems undeniable: you can clowns in lots of movies, clowns get often featured in special shows, and when it comes to gambling, there is a big space for them even in the industry. While some people might become whole lot excited when seeing clowns to be main characters of a slot machine, others may be not so enthusiastic about their being included in the narrative. Well, whether you connect clowns with something sinister or simply see a humorous entertainer, Microgaming’s Clown from Funhouse would not be a bone of contention since here clowns are your potential money bringers.


Microgaming managed to come up with a magical game – it is mainly classics in the style of arcade slotting, but at the same time the machine incorporates a few outstanding for an AWP features like Wildcards and freespins. You can read the full review on Funhouse and its inner mechanics right here – In any case, there is much to say about this wonderful game. The greatest visual moment about Funhouse is that the slot imitates amusement parks where you might have visited whimsical fun houses which are, by the way, integral for fun fairs as well. Microgaming added lollipops, a colorful gaming panel, a big clown to the middle whose huge mouth seems like an entry to the world of astonishment, joy and mysteries. So Funhouse is far beyond ordinary.


Gambling Founders


In case you didn't know, Microgaming, a software company behind Funhouse and thousands of other casino games, can be truly considered the godfathers of online gambling. Their presence in the market began in 1994 when the era of remote casinos was just on the way to success, and back there Microgaming launched the very first gambling formation that, for the record, still flourishingly operates to date. Over the past ten years, Microgaming has outburst the record with around $100 million paid out in their progressive jackpots; their gaming library counts hundreds of top-notch slot machines and classic casino titles. It goes without saying that Microgaming is one of the most desirable manufacturers for online venues, that’s why you can come across their collection of games almost everywhere.

What’s more, Microgaming does not forget about versatility and thus places a great focus on different platforms aside from desktops. Whatever game comes into your mind, you can rest assure that the developer has already released it in various interpretations. Their software is supplied in different forms – from traditional downloadable formats to mobile-optimized and live. Microgaming are continuing to grow in an exponential fashion, seeking partners and collaborations, so their success in gambling cannot be denied.

Funnity Fair


Returning back to Funhouse, the first moment to be acknowledged is aesthetics. Funhouse pulls off a very retro designing with consequent things: you will see a set of vintage buttons on the panel and a vivid paytable right beside the reels. Everything appears fluid and devoted to classics, so for those who value retro above all, Funhouse would be a perfect choice for the evening. The background tones boast deep purple hues mixed with vibrant orange and red. Sound effects are also on point – you will not hear a boring ring from spinning, but instead a dynamic sound atmosphere immersing you right into the fair nearby. Despite having a typical for an arcade machine structure, Funhouse lovely throws in a couple of modern details and this is just amazing.



Guide Into Classics



If your gambling experience mostly builds upon playing modern video slots, then you might get a little lost as soon as the screen is loaded: Funhouse does not extend the reel panel all over the window which may confuse those who never explore land-based styles. Here’s a little guide to get you acquainted with essentials:

  • Look to your right – there is the paytable moved next to the reels that is quite a common thing for traditional fruit machines. This helps you keep tabs on combinations and check payouts. The first group of symbols demonstrates payouts for ‘Funhouse’ logo icon per lines whereas the lower box shows other symbols and their possible patterns.
  • Look to your left – there are reels, three of them. To activate the game, one just needs to hit ‘Spin’ button. Microgaming also added an auto-play function that is actually not completely a feature of AWPs.  
  • Look to the bottom – here is panel where you can control the game, change bets, coin denomination and open the information table. This is a standard panel for Microgaming’s titles, so you may feel comfortable with it in case you’ve previously played their slots.  




Wild Logo – The Funhouse symbol is a special replacer that is able to create its own winning combinations when matching symbols appear on a win-line altogether. For  example, you complete two-of-a-kind Orange Bars in a line, but as long as all combinations must contain three adjacent symbols, Wildcards come in handy and add a needed symbol to the resulting combination.


Free Games – another unique feature to Funhouse is freespins that can be activated randomly. Players will be given a certain set of free rounds and their stakes are going to be frozen over this period. There’s nothing special about spins here – just a bunch of rounds without multipliers or additional elements.  


Rules Explained


Funhouse has an arrangement of five paylines on a 3x3 grid – three horizontal strings and two diagonal respectively. Actually, this is another huge difference regarding that Funhouse follows the classics – old-fashioned fruit machines introduces just a single line. You can, though, go with one line as Funhouse allows to customize the number of win-lines. Stakes vary accordingly: you can start with 0.25 credits and a single line and go up to 25 credits per hit with all 5 included. The paytable, for the most part, revolves around Funhouse Logo, but there are four Bars and Lollipop symbols, too. So, the machine suits perfectly for low-to-mid bankrolls.


Conclusion – Bright And Hilarious


This slot machine knows a thing or two about entertainment. Do not be overwhelmed by the unusual layout – it is just a matter of seconds when you will finally adjust to the environment. For a classic slot, Funhouse has a bunch of attractive features, smooth animation and advanced visuals. To play or not to play is up to you.

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