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Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 4.58.58 PMIn the state of Virginia, all beer and wine can be sold by anyone with a license but they cannot sell liquor and spirits. With the semi-boom of the Virginia wine industry, the ABC store, which has monopoly rights on liquor and spirits, put some Virginia wine’s on it’s shelves.

On my most recent trip, I decided to pick up the 2012 Philip Carter Winery Cabernet Franc. I was worried that the cork would be completely dry because I would imagine most people do not go into the ABC store to get wine. The cork was fine but they still must not go through a lot of inventory as the winery is currently on the 2013 vintage.

Here is their description of the 2013 version because I could not find the information on the 2012 vintage:

’13 Nomini Hall Cabernet Franc bolstered by Petit Verdot and Merlot, this red wine get’s its name from the home of Robert Carter III.  Robert was known as the “first emancipator”, renown for his forward thinking freeing of 509 slaves in 1791.  Bright cherry, blackberry, and raspberry aromas backed up by vanilla, mocha and anise appeal to the olfactory senses.  Those fruits carry over as part of a balanced palate including a hint of black pepper spice.  The wine is soft, smoothed and velvety with well integrated acidity and tannins.  Glass-$10        Bottle-$29        Club-$24.65

So what did I think of the 2012?

Color – Light ruby red.

Nose – Cranberries, black pepper, and clove.

Taste – Cranberries and raspberries along with vanilla and cinnamon.

Finish – Medium with medium to high acid and medium rounded tannins.

Overall, this is a good light version of a Virginia Cabernet Franc. The body is what is light about it not the flavors. It is also very smooth and rounded. A little more smooth than other Virginia Cabernet Franc. I recommend this one if you want something light but full of flavor.

Rating: B+