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Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 5.10.32 PMTo say that I was on a Pinot Noir kick is a bit of an understatement. Yesterday’s wine selection was Pinot Noir, this wine selection will be Pinot Noir, and so will the next two after this. I like to see how people manipulate this very light red wine. I have tried it from New Zealand, South America, and different parts of California.

Today’s selection comes from California, it is the 2013 Schug Carneros Pinot Noir. These Pinot Noirs are pretty young and meant to drink young, but soon we will have an older review coming to compare. The list price on this wine is $25.00 or $20.00 if you are a wine club member.

Here are the tasting notes from the Schug winery website:

This 100% Pinot Noir cuvee is from grapes grown within the cool microclimate of the Sonoma Coast AVA, on select vineyards in the western portion of Carneros and the Petaluma Gap. The cool windy climate and low yield of these vineyards allow Pinot Noir grapes to mature slowly while retaining their natural acidity, with bright flavors of red cherries, raspberries and spice. We showcase the elegant side of Pinot Noir by aging in large neutral oak casks and older French oak barrels to keep new oak flavors to a minimum. Lively acidity on the finish makes it an ideal accompaniment to grilled fish and fowl or barbecued meats.

So what did I think?

Color – Transparent ruby red.

Nose – Red cherries, raspberries, and green olives.

Taste – Bursting red cherries.

Finish – Medium with medium to high acid and smooth but bold tannins for a Pinot.

Overall, this is a bright fruit forward Pinot Noir that has more body than you would think looking at the color. I like the body structure but it still have pretty basic flavors. The nose I thought was excellent and complex.

Rating: B+