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Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.52.57 PMNew Zealand seems to continue to get more well-known for their wines. First it was Sauvignon Blanc, and now it is Pinot Noir. Soon it will be other grape varietals that we do not even expect from this small island producer. The best part about their wines is that they are super affordable and most are twist top so no need to worry about tainted cork.

Today’s selection is the 2013 Brancott Estate Pinot Noir from Marlborough, New Zealand. This producer seems to have a very nice interactive website that will tell you everything about the wine and the soil. The link for the tasting notes seems to be missing so once again we will have to go with the back of the bottle.

Sourced from a range of Marlborough vineyards, this Pinot Noir displays rich velvety tannins and an abundance of ripe cherry, plum, and blackberry fruits accentuated with savory spice highlights. Indulge your curiosity.

So what did I think?

Color – Light ruby red.

Nose – Cherries and pomegranate.

Taste – Red cherries.

Finish – Medium to low with medium to high acid and medium to low tannins.

Overall, this is a pretty good, easy drinking Pinot Noir that is pretty typical in the budget New Zealand wines. The Pinot Noir is pretty light but it still has some great fruit forward flavors. It is not that complex but the cherry flavors are good.

Rating: B+