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Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.20.06 PMWhen people think of wine from Italy, many think of Chianti from the tuscan area or Pinot Grigio from the northern area. Most people have never heard of Nero D’Avola, which is a red grape from the infamous mafia island Sicily. I have mentioned before that I really enjoyed a Nero D’Avola from Capital Grille and fell in love with it.

This one is from Club W and between this one and the Cabernet Franc it motivated me to not skip this month of wine selections.  Quick note that if you click that link it will give you $26 dollars worth of wine free on your first order. This wine is the 2013 Costa Pietra Nero D’Avola. On the back of the bottle it says “Product of Italy” but oddly, it says “Bottled by WINC Buelton, CA.”

Does that mean that the juice was brought over from Italy and then bottled or does that company have a bottling facility in Italy? A quick Google search brought up nothing. On that note, a quick Google search only brings us the Club W video and one review from The Reverse Wine Snob so I will give you what is on the back of the bottle:

In Sicily, a wine-rich land where the locals have as many words for vino as the Eskimos do for snow, Nero D’Avola is bestowed as their most important grape. The black-skinned fruit makes a rich, perfumed and peppery red wine that’s deliciously easy to drink.

So what did I think?

Color – Deep dark red.

Nose – Raspberries and chocolate.

Taste – Red currants & red raspberries with a little bit of mocha and pepper.

Finish – Medium to long with medium to high acid and very bright bold tannins.

Overall, this is a pretty good expression of Nero D’Avola. It is medium-bodied and very young. It is still very smooth but not overly complex. This is a good wine at $13 and a good introduction into Nero D’Avola, if you do not want to break the bank.

Rating: B+