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Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 5.23.23 PMI have thought about starting a new tradition of drinking sparkling rose wine on Valentine’s Day. I mean it is red or pink and festive, not to mention we do not come across it as often as I feel like we should. I am still getting into the super dry Champagnes or sparkling wines but I am starting to really love the sparkling rose wine. Any wine grape can be turned into a sparkling wine but for a very long time most people just use the classical Champagne region grapes.

Today, we have the 2008 Reginato Celestina Sparkling Rose of Malbec, which is obviously made from Malbec and is from Argentina. I got this one from Underground Cellar in a deal with all kinds of sparkling rose wine.

On their website there nothing on the 2008 but I have a feeling the vintages are similar enough they give a generic description:

Malbec seems an unlikely hero for a sparkling wine grape, but when you want your rosé to show some real color and character, then Malbec’s your man. Pop “Celestina” Rosé into your mouth and you will feel the crisp, dry mouthfeel of a classic Champagne, but it will also make you ponder “Hey, what’s for dinner!?” Toasty-yeasty aromas meet delicious homemade strawberry rhubarb pie flavors reminiscent of a Midwest summer. Just a hint of tannin structure, floral spice, and an amazing elegant finish rounds out the mouth. It speaks of the rich Malbec grape, but never loses its light, refreshing nature. It will give you a good reason to drink sparkling wine with your main course!

So how was it?

Color – Bright red.

Nose – Strawberries.

Taste – Strawberries and raspberries. Little floral.

Finish – Not too dry but not sweet. Good tannin structure.

Overall, this wine was amazing. I would purchase this again and look for it around town. It was so popular with the couple we shared it with that you thought it was juice as fast as it went down. It has a very nice structure being that it does have a few tannins for a sparkling wine and it has still the sparkling refreshment.

Rating: A