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Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.39.11 PMIf you go back and look most of my Club W wine reviews, very few of them really wow me. Because of that and Underground Cellar having some awesome deals, every month I would just “skip a month” on Club W. I am sure they want this because someone will forget and automatically have wine shipped to them and, of course, will have their credit card charged.

It has been probably about 4 to 6 months since I have not skipped a month. The combination of seeing both a Cabernet Franc and Nero d’Avola wine on the list motivated me to order again. First on the list from Club W is the 2012 Prismus Cabernet Franc from Red Hills Lake County, California.

This wine must have been pretty popular because it is no longer available on their website. The video is still up and all the wines came with a descriptor card but this one. Basically, there are no longer any written tasting notes so we will have to go to the back of the bottle:

There are many faces of the Prismus fleshy, but bold bright, but mysterious, its incongruencies perfectly imperfect silky smooth mouthfeel and zingy acidity intertwine to please the palate in a manner that is unparalleled.

So that is the most vague description of a wine if I have ever seen it.

Color – Deep dark red.

Nose – Luscious strawberries and caramel.

Taste – Strawberries, black pepper, fig, and blackberries.

Finish – Long with high acid and medium to high tannins.

Overall, this is not my most favorite Cabernet Franc but it is still a good Cabernet Franc. It is medium-bodied with good bold flavors. It has bright acid and is probably one of the better wines I have gotten from Club W. Maybe they have turned a new leaf.

Rating: B+