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Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 5.10.15 PMMost people do not know this but it doesn’t matter where the grapes of a wine comes from. If it is fermented, produced, and bottled at a winery then that winery can put it’s name on it. In Virginia, this can sometimes be a little tricky because a lot of people buy Virginia wines because they are from Virginia. Some wineries in Virginia are very open to saying were they got their grapes, while others do not disclose it.

I will not go into too much detail of some of the wineries I have found that are not opening forthright with the information. However, Cooper Vineyards who’s 2012 Cooper Vineyards Syrah that I am about to review was very open in their recent letter to the wine club about this fact.

On the winery’s website, it is not open to the general public yet but for the wine club we got this in our shipment first quarter 2015. Here is what was written in the wine club newsletter about this wine:

…after the poor growing season of 2011, from which only two dry red wines [in Virginia] were made, it became evident that we would eventually need to make up the shortfall with wine sourced elsewhere. Hence, this 2012 Syrah, a blend of wines from California’s Paso Robles and Napa counties, came into being. Subtle blackberry, vanilla, dried cherries and toasted oak notes are complemented with smooth, approachable tannins and the sufficiently quenched heat of this 15.2% alcohol Syrah.

Yeah, a Virginia wine would never get to that high of alcohol content. So how was it?

Color – Very dark bright ruby red.

Nose – Black pepper and green bell pepper. But not a lot of nose on this one.

Taste – Blackberry, chocolate mousse, and coffee bean.

Finish – Medium with high acid and low to medium tannins.

Overall. this wine has a sweetness to it at the end that almost makes me think there is a slight residual sugar or that the fruit forwardness is that sweet. I would have not guess that this was a Syrah from California (or anywhere else). It reminds me more of a Zinfandel. Pretty basic wine and is pretty easy to drink. This wine just doesn’t wow me.

Rating: C+