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Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.11.56 AMFor most people in the wine world, pairing wine with food is one of the most important decisions someone can make at dinner. I know, first world problems.  But if you think about it there are menu’s with recommendations, sommeliers and restaurant professionals make their money on pairing the two, and there are even preset five course menus with glasses of wine include.

But what happens when you haven’t even tried the wine? It is all guess work for some like me recently. We ran into this when I had bought a bottle of the 2013 Nals Margreid Gewurztraminer. At first, I just looked at the grape and decided it was probably off-dry as most Gewurztraminer’s from Germany are. This one is from Italy so I probably should have guess that it was made dry.

Either way, it is still worth reviewing a dry Gewurztraminer even though it totally didn’t pair with a spicy dish like we had planned. This wine from Italy has a very fancy website where they offer a lot of different types of wines. Here are their tasting notes:

Grown in its natural and traditional habitat, our Gewürztraminer unfolds its exceptional complexion: The wealth of aromas with notes of cloves and roses, and the harmonious structure lead to a long and persistent finish. This wine makes a perfect aperitif and a strong partner for crustaceans, lobster and shrimps, flavorful fish and spicy Asian cuisine.

It is interesting that they said it would go well with spicy Asian cuisine because that was exactly what we had. For those that do not know dry wines often enhance spiciness and not add flavor. Don’t worry I saved a glass to enjoy after my mouth cooled down.

Color – Bright golden yellow

Nose – Passion fruit and honeysuckle

Taste – Tart, floral, with almost a metallic iron in the taste.

Finish – medium with medium to high acid. It lingers a bit.

Overall, it does have a complex taste to it and smells great but it has a little off after taste. I do not know if the stainless steel aging brought out too much of a metallic taste but it was a little unpleasant. Still drinkable but I would not purchase again though the wife really liked it.

Rating: C+