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Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 11.43.03 AMVirginia has quietly put out a lot of good Chardonnay wines. I had previously reviewed the Cobbler Mountain more recent vintage along with many others that have never gotten less than a B. With the constant backlash against overly oaked California Chardonnays, Virginia has tried to step in and place that barely oaky place in people’s palates.

It might be by chance but now even California is abandoning the oaky Chardonnays for the more crisp clean fruit forward wines. The 2011 Cobbler Mountain Chardonnay is one that kind of gives us what an oak Chardonnay from Virginia would be like. According to their website, it is 80% French Oak and 20% Stainless steel. But I am not 100% sure which one this is because the label doesn’t distinguish and they have 2 version of the 2011.

So how was it?

Color – Golden yellow.

Nose – The classic pear and apple with a little honey suckle.

Taste – Pear and apple again but with a little caramel.

Finish – Pretty buttery with medium to low acid.

Overall, I definitely like the 2012 a lot more than this one but this one is still a good Chardonnay. Where this one falls as not being my favorite is that it is a little bit more buttery than the 2012. It has all the great flavors that we get from a classic Virginia Chardonnay, it is just the texture that seems to get to me a little bit. With that said still a good wine.

Rating: B