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Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 5.22.40 PMIt has been a while since you have seen a wine from Naked Wines, but I honestly thought they were all gone. Quick recap for those who do not know, but basically I did not like most if not all the Naked Wine wines I got. It wasn’t that they were undrinkable but they were not very complex and seemed a little young. I really like the idea of giving ten or twenty dollars a month to help support small winemakers each month and then you can use that money to buy wine.

When I decided to cancel, they did call me and offer me pretty much a free case (it has been a while I might have had to pay shipping). In that shipment, I must have received the 2013 Mauricio Lorca Angel’s Reserve Torrontes from Argentina. Now I have yet to have a Torrontes from Argentina that I did not like. I love this wine with fish and we had this one with Ahi Tuna.

It has been a while since I visited their website but there is just as much tasting notes as there were last time, none. They do say that 84% of the over 15,000 people who got this wine would buy it again. Here is what their site does say:

  • Torrontes is like the classy big sister of Moscato. Lush and fruity, but just a tiny bit more serious.

  • Mauricio’s been funded by UK angels since his 2009 vintage and now we get to benefit from all their investments!

  • Thanks to all that Angel funding, this wine is a steal because every penny went to getting the best Torrontes money could buy.

The back of the bottle describes this wine:

The wine is blissfully aromatic with delicate aromas of peach, passion fruit, and jasmine flowers on the nose; the palate is light, crisp and throughly refreshing, combining delicious tropical flavors with a twist of juicy limes.

So how was it?

Color – Clear yellow.

Nose – Honeysuckle, passion fruit and pear.

Taste – Honeysuckle and pear again but this time some citrus notes shine through.

Finish – Medium but still very refreshing and really rounded with balanced acid.

Overall, this is probably one of the best wines that I have ever gotten from Naked Wines. It went well with the Tuna but still had a medium-enough body that it was okay to drink when it is cold out. It still would be a great summer wine with any meal. I wouldn’t join naked wines just for this wine but if they offered me more free wine, I would pick this one again.

Rating: B+