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Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 4.56.19 PMWhen you come home from a long day of traveling, between the bloody marys and the $8 airplane cocktails, all you really want is a good solid glass of wine. Traveling is very stressful no matter where you go. There will always be packing and unpacking. When you travel by plane, you go in an airport where you spend the whole time making sure you do all the correct steps and don’t accidentally do one of the don’t.

When we got back, I thought to myself let’s just have a nice bottle of Merlot. I am sure it will be decent and I won’t be trying to hard to find the complexities like you would in a classic Bordeaux blend. The merlot I picked was the 2012 Sanglier Cellars Right Tusque Merlot from the Alexander Valley. It has a picture of a wild boar on it so I guess that is where “Right Tusque” comes from.

Well, after Googling the wine I just realized a Sanglier is a wild boar. Oh well, this is what the winery has to say about it’s wine:

This dark, somewhat brooding Merlot lets you know from the first scent and taste that descriptors such as intensity of flavor, bracing tannins, and structure are not simply reserved for Cabernet. This mountain grow fruit with layers upon layers of flavors and aromas. Chocolate, truffles, violets, blackberries, and cassis all blend and move seamlessly between the nose and the palate creating an incredibly smooth, long, and deep experience. Enjoy a glass and linger over the possibilities this wine provides. If you drink now decant, if you want to hold it for 15 years or any time between, you will be rewarded with a taste of this truly craft style, traditional Merlot. This is Merlot the way its always meant to be.

Wow, a good write up without using very many tasting notes. Interesting so how was it?

Color – Dark ruby red with some transparency.

Nose – Black cherry, cassis, and almost close maybe that was violet?

Taste – Blackberries, lots of black pepper, and some spices.

Finish – Medium to long, with medium to high acid and sharp strong tannins.

Overall, they were right when it they said this is the way Merlot is meant to be. It is a good fruit forward wine but not too overpowering in that department. It is medium to full bodied and very nicely balanced. I highly recommend this one if you like Merlot or got on the Sideways train and want to retry Merlot.

Rating: A-