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Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 5.34.30 PMBefore we continue to the Cayman Island wine experience, we have to back up to right before we left for the trip. Sometimes when you are running around and do not have time to really think about wine (or time to blog about it), you pick out your closest white wine. I thought that I have pretty much reviewed most of Cooper Vineyard’s wine pre-2013 but I guess I was wrong.

Though I have reviewed 7 of their wines, this review is of their 2012 Coopertage Blanc. It is listed as an “American White Blend” meaning that they went out of state to get some or all of the grapes, as they are located in Virginia. They had previously done this with their Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio.

Regardless of your opinion on Virginia wines versus non-Virginia wines, a good wine is a good wine. Here is what the winery has to say about this wine:

Coopertage Blanc 2012 – Return of a classic! We love the way that the lush opulence of Viognier combines with the crisp citrus flavors of Chardonnay to create this friendly, fruitful blend – 64% Chardonnay and 36% Viognier. Intense honeysuckle aromatics begin the adventure leading to tropical fruit flavors of pineapple and kiwi combining with nectarine and orange. Enjoy this food friendly white wine by itself or with chicken, lamb or seafood.

So how was it?

Color – Light golden yellow.

Nose – Pear, lemongrass, and toasted almonds.

Taste – Pear and apple with lemongrass again.

Finish – Crisp, clean with medium to low acid and it is not buttery.

Overall, I did not get the tasting notes that they had above. I think the Chardonnay dominates the Viognier, which I could tell before even knowing the blend.  It is still a very good wine that is light and refreshing but not very bold. It is your perfect summer wine and I wasted it in the winter!

Rating: B+