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Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.57.16 PMI might have mentioned a while back that all kinds of wineries have different ways to attract members including blending wine. In the case with Cobbler Mountain last year they allowed each wine club member to use their 2010 wines to make a blend of their own. It was a lot of fun and I recommend it to almost anyone.

Now, why would I review my own wine? It is more of a “is this as good as I remember?” I have since lost my little notebook that stated my exact blend of the wines he offered us. The winemaker offered up Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. I also talked him into letting me add a little bit of Petit Verdot to my blend.

I can tell you that I remember my wine being a majority Cabernet Franc because it is one of my favorites. So how did I do blending wine? It has been exactly a year since bottling.

Color – Deep dark red.

Nose – Earthy with some spice the berries are blue and black.

Taste – Burst blueberries with spices and black pepper.

Finish – Medium with medium to high acid and high tannins.

Overall, this was a lot better than I remember. I do not know if it was the aging of a year with that blend together or what but earth really showed through a lot strong. I feel like if I did it over again I could do much better. But Cobbler Mountain does a good job with all their wines so blend them how you will, it would be hard to mess up.

Rating: A-