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Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.54.18 AMWhen people ask me why do you buy so much wine? Why don’t you stop and drink some of it? I usually just make a joke of an answer. Some of the real reason, besides a possible zombie apocalypse, is that I want to accidentally age some wines. Of course, in one part of my basement I have wine tagged with estimated aging time but with different wine coolers and racks it is easy to lose a bottle or two.

And I am okay with losing a few bottles because in all reality most reds can be aged and I will find them sometime within 3-5 years or so. This was the case with the 2010 Weston Farms Winery Meritage. I had visited there a few years ago and pretty much thought I went through my “to-drink” stash. But I guess not and possibly there might be more wine behind this one.

As with most of Weston’s wine it is a little hit or miss on whether we will have a description on the website. This one is listed as offered but not tasting notes so I guess you will just have to take my word for it. It is a blend of 41% Merlot, 38% Petit Verdot, and 21% Cabernet Franc.

Color – Ruby red with some transparency throughout.

Nose – Lots of leather and earth with almost a basil smell at the end. The fruit is light but it is red fruit.

Taste – Earthy with notes of dried leaves and tobacco. Dried cranberries and other red fruits.

Finish – Long with high acid and medium to high tannins.

Overall, this would be the first time that I had a medium-bodied wine that was earthy and had such a a large finish. This is a perfect example of a Virginia Meritage in some years. It has complex but not bold flavors. Still a good wine for drinking by itself.

Rating: A-