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Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.02.47 PMIt is that time of year again where we talk about the Consenus blending sessions at Keswick Vineyards with a wine review. I searched my own site and do not think I ever did blog about my experience of doing it this year. Last year, we signed up for the wine club 90 percent because of this event. I also reviewed their wine last year here.

The Consensus blending session is where all the wine club members get to blend wines together and compete to see who’s picture will be on the bottle and blend sold. Now, this year was the first year I go to participate and we had four wines to choose for our blends. Syrah, Chambourcin, Touriga, and Norton. You could use all or some of the wines to make your blend and then your wine would go up against a few other teams and we would all rate each other’s wines blind.

The wine with the highest rating won. This year the Consensus blending was so big that there was actually more than one day of competition. So the winemaker took the highest scored wine as the winner. It was truly a fun event making different blends with other wine club members. I would highly encourage anyone in the area to join their wine club and do this.

The 2013 Keswick Vineyards Consensus blend is made up of 45% Syrah, 37% Touriga, and 18% Chambourcin. My team pretty much made a blend that was pretty close to this one but we did not win for our day. Here are the tasting notes from the winemaker:

Magenta in color, this medium bodied wine has an abundance of red fruit on the nose. Aromas of pomegranate and sour cherry are seamlessly woven in with oak aromas of smoky meats and toasted oak. The palate is vibrant with acidity keeping the tannins in check. Red fruit flavors are at the forefront of this wine, ending beautifully with a integrated dry finish. This is an easy drinking wine that is food friendly and will bring enjoyment to all those that try it. Congratulations to our wine club members on a job well done!

So how was it?

Color – Garnet red.

Nose – Black pepper and cherry with a little bit of earthy oak aromas.

Taste – Red fruit with pepper and mocha.

Finish – Medium to long with medium acid and high tannins.

Overall, this wine is much better than the 2012 Consensus blend. Now those were totally different grapes but this wine has more body and depth. It isn’t your super complex wine you want to save forever and ever but it is an easy to drink red that would go with almost anything. I prefer most of my wines with nothing so it works for that too. Hopefully next year I will be telling you with my picture on the bottle.

Rating: A-