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Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 3.02.09 PMOf all the different varietals of grapes you would think they would make naming them a little less complicated. Mostly, we defer to the French on most things but still some European countries still name the grapes their own names. The same goes for Mourvedre, as it is known in French. In Spain Mourvedre is called Monastrell. You wouldn’t think that it would be that complicated.

This brings us to the 2013 Alcala Monastrell produced in Spain and bought from Club W. Hopefully, this will finally be that amazing red I have been wanting from this company. Here are their tasting notes:

Catalan for “citadel�, Alcalà is the signifying fortress of Alicante, shielding outsiders from disrupting their Moorish empire with it’s walls of immaculate strength. With roots in this sovereign place, the Alcalá Monastrell will leave a lasting, daring and distinct impression on your palate. A strength of orange zest, earth, and strawberry flavors flow from this bold, beautiful wine.

Why you’ll love it: The rich Monastrell grape – or Mourvèdre as it’s known in France – takes a spotlight in this all-natural wine while its fermentation in stainless steel adds a liveliness of orange zest to it’s dense and jammy flavor (as opposed to the mellowing effects of oak). A perfect example of why Spanish wines are a fast growing trend among American wine drinkers, it’s the perfect combo of ripe fruit flavors we’re used to in the New World, plus a little funky edge provided by Spain.

All natural wine huh? I wonder if it means with fermentation or just in the vineyard. So how was it?

Color – Medium red, almost a velvety color.

Nose – Mixed berries of both dark and red. Hint of licorice.

Taste – Cranberry tart with a little bit of vanilla and some earth.

Finish – Low and light-bodied with medium to high acid and low tannins.

Overall, it was a little to dry in the mouth for how light it is. It really is right in that taste palate of the Club W red wines. I would say decent and drinkable but this is nothing to write home about. Seriously, considering canceling my Club W subscription or just ordering rose and white wines from them.

Rating: B-