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Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.47.01 PMEveryone should know by now my love for the grape variety Cabernet Franc. It grows well in Virginia and it has become an all-star for the state. As you may remember, I am actually growing two Cabernet Franc vines on my side yard. I will be giving first year growth updates very soon. Whenever I see a Cabernet Franc wine, especially of the single varietal, I always feel the need to pick it up.

I can tell you that the 2012 Airfall Cabernet Franc actually comes from El Dorado County in California. This wine comes from Club W and was pretty much the sole reason in making an order at all.

Now, I have been a little disappointed with Club W’s red, whites and roses have been spot on, so I had saved this red for near to last and was worried about drinking it. I was worried it I would find a Cabernet Franc that I did not like.

Here is the information from Club W’s website:

El Dorado is one of California’s oldest wine regions. Vineyards first flourished here during California’s Gold Rush, but today are best known for producing wines with intense flavors and deep color. The secret here is in the soil. Volcanic magma infuses the earth, providing rich nutrients to the vines and encouraging deeply flavored grapes.

Grown in one of El Dorado’s highest altitude vineyard, the Airfall Cabernet Franc is packed with deep, dark blackberry, cherry, and plum. But don’t be fooled by the fruit up front; this is the beauty and the beast of wines. Super floral and feminine on the nose, but then dense, grippy, and drying on the palate with strong tannins. It’s big enough for the Cabernet Sauvignon fanatics but is a completely unique expression of it’s lesser-known sibling, Cabernet Franc.

So how was it? And correction it is believed that Cabernet Franc is the father of Cabernet Sauvignon not the sibling. Cabernet Sauvignon is supposedly a cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. Moving on…

Color – Deep crimson red.

Nose – Crushed cranberries and a little black pepper.

Taste – Black pepper, spice, and a hint of blackberries.

Finish – Long, really fills your mouth and with bold tannins.

Overall, Club W has redeemed itself (partially) on this one. It was nice and flavorful with a good mouthfeel. Most of their wine can be jammy. I think I still like Virginia Cabernet Francs a lot more but I have tested a few from California and Washington and this one ranked up there above those.

Rating: A-