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Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 2.15.01 PMSometimes I really wonder how wine websites can do such great deals on wines. I know I always get sucked into it and then when you get the wines home they taste really good. Sure, there are some discounts in buying in bulk i.e. buy this case and save 20% but I also wonder how much just getting inventory out plays a part in it.

In a winery, the wine takes up place and the new vintage is growing by the minute. In a store, the wine sits on expensive retail space that could be used to merchandise something else. In a online store’s warehouse, the wine is taking up inventory space that has to be regulated with temperature and humidity. With rose wine they are meant to drink young so that’s why you see a lot of 2013.

Recently, my dad did a deal with the new Laithwaite wine who took over Zagat’s business. They offered a case half of rose and half red. The half rose was the 2012 Le Coeur de la Presqu’ile de Saint Tropez Rose, which I found on their UK website and now is no longer available.

Here is their description from their website:

Rosé has come back into fashion recently, inspiring hundreds of competing styles. Jancis Robinson MW, however, like many top experts, says “To me the quintessential rosé comes from the south of France.” And, despite coming from ‘the playground of the rich and famous’, this exceptional rosé has to be one of the very best value examples of all. You’ll join the well heeled elite of the Côte d’Azur when you open a bottle of this Saint Tropez, which is enjoyed in many a popular waterside restaurant and wine bar in the region. It’s a captivating pale salmon pink with delicate red fruit aromas, lovely ripe flavours and a dry, refreshing character. Serve with ocean fresh favourites such as crab or lobster, pan seared tuna or grilled king prawns.

Basically, any typical French rose. So how was it?

Color – Peach blush color.

Nose – Raspberries and strawberries.

Taste – Apricot and strawberry again.

Finish – Crisp and clean with medium to high acid.

Overall, the rose is very light and refreshing. I have been drinking a lot of them of them lately and this one definitely ranks near the top. It is just a delicious dry rose. Put the 2013 on your list since you cannot get this one.

Rating: A-