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Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.11.45 PMCould you imagine a world where Americans went to lunch and with their lunch they drank rose wine. It is light, dry, and refreshing and who knows it might take the edge off of that previous staff meeting butt chewing. In France, this is more of a common siting but then again many businesses in small towns take more than an hour for lunch.

The 2013 Releve Rose would probably be good for that. This wine coming from Club W has lots of promise in it’s description. I like almost every French rose wine I have ever tried. I know that I have been down on their reds but even Club W cannot screw this up or can they? Here is their description of this wine:

 If there’s one thing the French have mastered, it’s the delicious pink drink that is Rosé – and this bottle is the epitome of their chic style. Graceful and refined, Relevé Rosé will rise to any daytime occasion and offer up a taste of Costières de Nîmes’ classic Grenache-Syrah blend in lovely peony pink. Take Relevé for a pirouette around the glass and experience a beautiful blend of strawberry, white cranberry and bubblegum flavors while admiring as she gracefully balances juicy, full-flavored texture with the characteristically bone-dry French finale.

Why you’ll love it: While the rest of France was witnessing the weather’s destruction of their 2013 Grenache harvest (a very important grape for Southern Rhône wines), Costières de Nîmes was favored with perfect growing conditions. This is a classic French-style rosé made out of a classic Southern French blend of grapes.

So will I love it?

Color – light platinum pink.

Nose – Peach, strawberries, with a slight minerality on the nose.

Taste – Floral strawberry with a slight mineral taste as well.

Finish – Crisp and clean with medium acid.

Overall, this wine was great. It is probably one of the best wines I have ever gotten from Club W. It is in the right price point. It has a great taste. What else could you want?

Rating: A