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Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 5.41.21 PMA lot of people ask how old is too old when it comes to a wine but I want to ask how young is too young. A wine is the very rare drink that will age while in the bottle. Scotch stops aging as soon as it leaves the barrel. Many people are chasing that perfect date to drink a wine and when. I am always excited when a new set of reds release.

Some winemakers choose to keep them in a barrel for longer than a year while others choose to keep them stored in bottled, unreleased to the public, for a few years. The 2013 Ville Basse Red Minervois wine obviously did not. But is that a good or a bad thing?

This wine comes from Club W, who is losing favor for my palate. Lately a lot of their red wines have been tasting the same. Here is their description of this wine from their website:

Minervois is a rugged, mountainous little village that will transport you a land of Medieval times. Among its stone towers, the “Ville Basse” served as a market center where merchant goods would flow and the city’s energy would emanate. Have a taste of the rich history with a glass of Minervois – a designated blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Carignane. Rustic and ripe, it’s fruity but a little bit country, indicative of the rocky, windswept foothills where the grapes are grown. With a mouthful of fruit, cherry jam, cinnamon stick and leather, it almost tastes sweet but finishes with a youthful tartness.

Why you’ll love it: Not only is this natural wine made with biodynamically farmed fruit, it’s designated Minervois (a star appellation of the Languedoc). If you’d like to try a taste of classic, Southern French red, this is the wine that will do it. Medium-bodied with dark cherry fruit, a lot of earth, a little bit of funk, and loads of fresh flavor.

Sounds like a good blend and you can still get it for $13.00. So how was it?

Color – Deep ruby red.

Nose – Blackberry cassis and plum jam.

Taste – Blackberry cassis and raspberry.

Finish – Medium to low with medium acid and low tannins.

Overall, this wine was not that great. It honestly stays in line with the palate profile of Club W. Light with some jam. If they do not turn this around soon, I will be dropping the membership. Sure, the prices are good but the wine needs to be at least “a good deal” not a “cheap wine.”

Rating: B-