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Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.10.30 PMOh look, another review of a dry rose wine by me! I recently read an article from Gentleman’s Gazette that gave the history of rose wine and what I really found it interesting that most wines in the past history were rose. It wasn’t until they developed new machines could they make more red wines wide spread.  The article does a good job of also explaining how the sweet White Zinfandel wines came about, as well.

This brings us to one of my favorite Virginia winery’s, the 2013 Delaplane Cellars Rose Wine that we received in the wine club shipment two times ago. As with most of their wines, I do not have any tasting notes and I do not think they even hardly distribute because this wine was sold out quick. I am pretty sure I have one more bottle that I snagged because another member didn’t want it.

So how was it?

Color – A very autumn burnt orange.

Nose – Very floral with some definite apricots.

Taste – It actually at first sip seemed a little effervescent. Of course, it is not but it had some pleasant apricot.

Finish – Medium to low acid but a really rounded finish.

Overall, this wine was a decent cold but as it started to warm up it actually got better. This was a first for a rose even though I have said before as rose warms up it tastes better than a white warmed up. This is probably the middle of the pack for Virginia dry roses.

Rating: B