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Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 2.55.30 PMZinfandel can be the best wine in the world and it can be the worst wine in the world. I mean that more than just the White Zinfandel mutations of this wine. In some cases, people really over oak red Zinfandels. Over time, it is becoming one of my favorite vines and dry creek area has been one of my favorite areas.

Though one thing you have to be very careful with is that because they can get so much sugar in the grape that you can get a very high alcohol content. The 2012 Malm Cellars Zinfandel had 15.4 percent alcohol by volume so the important thing for the winemakers is to make sure they balance that with the flavor. No one but a college sorority girl wants to taste a wine that all you can taste and smell is the alcohol.

Their website is “account suspended” so no tasting notes there. There are also no tasting notes on the back of the bottle either. So all I had to go on was the Underground Cellar description:

Winemaker Notes:

Only 4 barrels produced (100 cases). Blended with 4% Petite Sirah from same vineyard for structure and spice. 50% new barrels.

Tasting Notes:
This bombastic Dry Creek Zin is extremely ripe, and filled with sweet fruits of blueberry and blackberry. Plush, extracted, and a pure joy to drink from start to finish. Will stand up to any hearty foods and grilled meats

Wow, so pretty rare and I love Petit Sirah too. So how was it?

Color – Deep Dark Red like most Zins.

Nose – Blackberry, plum and with a little bit of earth.

Taste – Exploding blackberries with a hint of tart cherries.

Finish – Long with bright acid and medium to full tannins.

Overall, this wine was your typical better than average Zinfandel. The wine was not overly oaked and it had a good feel to it. I wish it was a little more complex and had a little less acid. The alcohol didn’t seem overwhelming so worth a try.

Rating: B+