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As you may remember, I last posted that I had bud break on one of the Cabernet Franc vines that I planted on the side of my house. I can tell you that it has been interesting these past few months. The vine on the right, that I have so fittingly named Franc, has grown at least three feet up. It was funny because when I was walking out the door to go to France, the little vine’s leaves were poking out of the growth tube. I was a worried because I remember them saying in my class on vineyard spraying that once they get out of the growth tubes they will be susceptible to the fungi. Because I knew I would be gone for almost 2 weeks and really hadn’t bought the supplies to spray, I quickly improvised and threw the second growth tube over the other one.

I figured that since there was no activity on the left vine, which I have also named Cab, that I could simply borrow the growth tube. Of course, in the 10 days that I was gone the vines little leaves were sticking out of the second growth tube. This is super exciting because that means they are about 3 inches away from the lowest trellis line. I figured it wasn’t good to have the two stacked like that so I removed the one placing it back on the inactive vine, that is now assumed dead.

At the local CoOp/Southern States store, I bought a sprayer and Sulfur along with Captan. I mixed the two together and sprayed the vine. I have also found that I can use this on my wild Peach tree too. What happened next just surprised me. I sprayed the vine and I guess the next day the wind picked up and bent the vine over the growth tube. I used a grocery store twist-tie to stand it back up but I worried that the vine would not recover over the fold. Good news! The vine did recover and I put back on the second growth tube.

So everything with the one vine, Franc, is going very well and I am just waiting for it to get large enough to attach to the trellis. This past Sunday I go outside to clean out my car and noticed the vine that has sat dormant for almost 4 months just sprouted to shoots! I almost dug it up not thinking anything of it. They say that great grapes are made from vines that struggle, well if we ever get this one to the trellis the grapes are going to have to be golden.Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.20.10 PM

For now, I will just continue to spray and soon will have to figure out if I should remove the extra growth tube and put it on the new growth on the left vine or if I should just leave it open. It has been bare for weeks now and finally got activity so don’t mess with what is working?

Stay tuned for more updates.