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Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.37.40 AMAnother wine from ClubW that I have actually have had for a little while the 2010 Wonderful Wine Company Mrlt. Obviously, the abbreviation is Merlot. Amazon also has it currently listed but says it is unavailable right now. This might be due to the fact that the wine is already four years old and probably out of stock. ClubW does a video and mentions that Merlot has gotten a bad name since the movie Sideways. I never abandoned the Merlot grape even though I loved the movie and read both books of Sideways.

Here is what the description is from under the video:

The plum and blackberry flavors make this an excellent wine to pair with grilled meats. A long smooth finish makes the perfect compliment to the smokiness the grill’s char lends to the food.

With such a brief description, i guess this will be a brief review.

Color – Red and transparent almost like a Pinot Noir. I was surprised.

Nose – Little floral with also some raspberry and licorice.

Taste – Spice and pepper. I also get a lot more raspberry than blackberry or plum.

Finish – Clean and actually super light. It has medium acid and low tannins.

Overall, the wine was very light for a merlot and I was super surprised about that. Now even though that was interesting, it was not my most favorite thing in the world. It was decent and you could enjoy it but I would not take their recommendation of grilled meats. I feel like a pork chop would over power this wine. I would recommend this on its own.

Rating: B-