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Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 5.01.02 PMSometimes I am not a big fan of picking up wines in places like Total Wine or a grocery store. I know that most people do and it probably is what makes more sense to this site, but I just cannot do it. I am always looking for the next thing whether its a grape variety I haven’t tried or a wine region I haven’t tried. Located in Culpeper, Virginia, there is a small wine show named Vinosity. They have actually a pretty good selection of wines from all around the world and that brings us to the 2011 Netzl Carnuntum Cuvee that I purchased from there.

This wine is from Austria and I have never had a wine from there. I studied Austrian Economics in college. Of course, when I saw that they had a selection from there I had to pick a bottle up. It is a blend of 40% Zweigelt, 40% Blaufrankish, & 20% Merlot. The first grape I have never had. The second grape is the same as Lemberger, which I recently tasted in a Virginia rose blend. So according the the KWSelection website, the vineyard is only about 64 acres. Here are the tasting notes:

Thie beautiful Carnuntum Cuvee is aged for a few months in large oak barrels. The wine has a ruby garnet color, red berries in the nose and nice herbal nuances. On the palate it is very smooth showing nice ripe tannins on a long pleasant finish. Serve with pork, chicken, and some italian foods like pasta Bolognese.

alc. 13.5% – acidity 5.3g/l – residual sugar 1g/l

Wow, I definitely did not get residual sugar on this one. But it is so small it is easy to be missed. So how was it?

Color – Deep dark red.

Nose – Red cherries with almost a toasted & smoked cedar.

Taste – Cherry, Mocha. This wine is very smooth and its medium-full bodied.

Finish – Rounded with a medium to long finish. Medium to low acid and very good tannins.

Overall, for my first Austrian wine this was very good. It was smoother than smooth and didn’t lack depth and complexity because of it. I would definitely recommend this to my fellow Austrian economics lover friends. Most people do not think of Austria for wine but I know I will keep it in the back of my head now. Wow.

Rating: A-