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Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 6.51.33 PMJust when you thought you were done with Naked Wines, you go through your collection and find something so obvious like F. Stephen Millier Angel’s Reserve Zinfandel. Angel’s, of course, referring to what you are if you are a member of Naked Wines. I am not a member but hey, wine is wine and I have been kind of in the mood for a California Zinfandel. I am still not sure that this is the last bottle of the collection but I guess it is easy to have happen when you go over the 300 bottle mark.

According to the Naked Wines website on this wine, the Angel price is $11.99 which is not bad. As we know, there are very few to no tasting notes with their wines. They do “fun” quotes instead. The first one is “Big ol’ripe Zin, this is a wine you can chew on. FYI: it clocks in at 16.8% alc. by vol. so don’t say we didn’t warn you!” Of course, if you click on facts it says the “alc. by vol.” is 14.5%. I am not sure which is the right answer, as I have already tossed the bottle.

The next quote is interesting which explains that F. Stephen Millier was the first winemaker to go from start to finish with complete Naked Wine’s funding. That is pretty cool. The last quote says “Next time you’re cooking a real big cut of meat, you’re going to want a real big glass of wine. Get this monster now.”

So how was “this monster”?

Color – Dark red with medium clarity.

Nose – Black and blue berries with Vanilla and just a hint of fig.

Taste – Blackberry tart with a little bit of licorice.

Finish – Medium to long finish with bright acid at first but mellows out through the sip.

Overall, not a very complex wine. It is a lot lighter than your more expensive California Zinfandel but it still is a refreshing different. If you are a Naked Wines member I would recommend giving this one a try but I do not think it is much of a monster.

Rating: B-


P.S. Happy Fourth Of July. This wine would be a good one for everyone at a BBQ.