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Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 5.55.09 PMGood evening, I am back from a 10 day vacation in France and I will tell you that I drank some wine. Sadly, for you all, I did not have time to stop and review each wine so here I will give you a little taste of what I tasted on the trip. First, I might say that even though Air France lost our luggage and put us on a connecting flight, after our first flight was delayed, that was 11 hours after we arrived, that Air France has some great wine offerings. The wine offerings both in the lounge and the actual flight were great, they always had a French Chardonnay and both a red Rhone and a red Bordeaux. In the actual flight, they even offered an amazing rose. Because they serve it on a cart, I did not get a chance to scan.

We were in the Toulouse area in small towns all across France. For lunch, many of the times, we had a rose. We find that looking around at a lot of the tables the French love a rose with food and with lunch. We had bright red ones to barely pink ones but almost all were very good. My two favorite were the 2013 Puech-Haut Saint-Drezery and the 2013 Ceou Vin De Domme. The first one was light almost like a white wine and went cool and refreshing with the sea bass for lunch. Our tour guide scolded us for ordering rose and not white with fish but we had a large group to satisfy. The second one was much bolder and dark. Both of them had good dry fruity flavors that you expect in a good rose. You can find both of them on cellar tracker but I doubt you can get them shipped to the states.

Of course, then for dinner, we had red wine. Now I noticed that every menu had what was really local and both Bordeaux and Rhone. This was nice because it let us try an array of wines. Like the Cahor area which is known for its Malbecs. I actually even got to visit Chateau Lagrezette (pictured) and try their Malbecs. Of all the ones, I tried these all were very bold and inky with good fruit flavors. These are wines that could use some aging. The best one was the 2009 Chateau Lamartine Expressions, it was very rustic and bold with smooth dark velvety flavors.

Now on to the Bordeaux, I found that I really enjoyed almost anything that came from the Haut-Medoc or Medoc regions. The 2002 Potensac Medoc was really earthy and had plenty of black currant that went well with a nice relaxing evening. The one that was truly amazing was the 2001 Chateau D’Arcins Haut-Medoc even though historically a cheap bottle, with lots of age on this one it was very good. Other Bordeauxs from Saint-Emilion and Graves were good but I found a few of the Graves to be a little weak.

The best wine I had though on the trip was the 2006 Chateau Moulinet Pomerol, I enjoyed it with a steak and it just blew me away. Lots of leather and tobacco.

Overall, all of the wine was good. I have very few complaints. Some of the Cahors Malbecs were hit or miss and some of the Bordeaux were too but the value on most of the wine was very good. I think Rhone can be a little weak and not as complex. But nonetheless I encourage you, if you go to France, soak up all the knowledge you can but drink the wine first!