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Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 5.24.01 PMI have previously reviewed an Arabella wine not that long ago and thought it was very good. In that same shipment from Naked Wines, I picked out the 2013 Arabella Shiraz because when you think of South African wine, you think Shiraz. I will spare some bashing of Naked Wines, like I normally do, and I will spare some of the description of the winery since I have reviewed them before. Instead this will be a short quick review of the wine.

According to Naked Wines, when you drink this wine you should think of “Lionel Ritchie, circa mid-eighties, all deck out in his plum velvet suit, then add a bit of Barry White on top, and you BEGIN to get close to how smooth and enticing this red is.” It also states that 91% of the consumers would purchase this again.

According to their own website, which oddly shows their bottle differently:

Deep burgandy red in colour with inviting aromas of vanilla and mocha. The palate rewards with lingering flavours of liquorice and ripe black cherries, supported by soft spicy tannins.

They too also give the entire process from rootstock to production, which is always a nice touch. So how was it?

Color – Dark purple with medium transparency.

Nose – Black cherries and lots of cranberry.

Taste – Oaky, meaty, leather, but a little sharp on the acid.

Finish – Full-bodied finish and lingered long. The acid seemed a little too high for me.

Overall, the wine was drinkable but the Cabernet Sauvignon was a lot better. I don’t know if it is me or I got a weird bottle but I really did not enjoy this wine. It was really acidic and overly oaked like a bad California Chardonnay. It may just need more time in the bottle but it is not smooth.

Rating: C-


Editors Note: Usually I give my picture of the wine but occasionally my Vivino app duplicates simliar wine labels and it did this time with the Cab. I have already thrown the bottle out.