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Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 6.02.40 PMAs I begin to wrap up my final Naked Wines order, I decided to open up a bottle of 2012 Jacqueline Bahue Rose. If you have read this site before you know that her Cabernet Franc was (and still is) the best wine I have had from Naked Wines. On top of that, I like a good summer Rose. Sometimes you are just not in the mood for a white wine but it is way too hot outside to enjoy a red and bam! Rose it is. Now, a lot of people (Men) are still afraid of a Rose thanks to their mothers all drinking White Zinfandel. But men buck up and drink Rose wine.

According to the Naked Wines site, only 72% of their users would buy again. The only tasting notes are that its “fun, sweet strawberry rose” and that “Jacqueline says it’s like a big piece of strawberry yogurt cake.” What is really interesting to me is that since I have bought it the label has changed and it now says “unavailable in your area.” I wonder why?

What is even more interesting is if you search ‘Rose’ in their search bar this wine does come up. It has the same stats as the other wine but has different more vague descriptions. It does however say made with Syrah.

Well anyways, how was the wine?

Color – Bright red blush, a little darker and more red than most roses.

Nose – Strawberries, little hint of watermelon and cherries.

Taste – Lots and lots of strawberries with maybe just a hint of raspberries. Slightly tart.

Finish – Pretty bold and dry for a rose. It beings to make me think she made two roses.

Overall, if you like strawberries and rose wine, you will love this wine. I think, however, it could have been a little less bold and dry and may not appeal to the masses. Even for me, as a red wine lover, it wasn’t as refreshing as I was in the mood for. Needless to say, not a bad wine at all and if it wasn’t for Naked Wines, I would probably buy it again.

Rating: B (84)