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Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 4.54.47 PMAs you may remember, I have planted to Cabernet Franc grapevines from Harvest Express on the side of my yard. Patience is something that I will really have to work at if I want to be in the grape growing business because everyday I checked them for growth. It has been over a month since I planted and about a week ago was getting seriously worried about the lack of activity. I had followed all the directions. I did everything that I thought I was supposed to. I even began having nightmares of the trellis system falling over or of both vines not being alive.

Well, as I write, I can confirm to you that we have had growth (pictured) from one of the vines. I am a little sad because I do believe the other one will not make it. Today, I took a small cutting off of it and see no green. I knew that only buying two would be challenging but you always hold out that both vines would live.

I have contacted Harvest Express and am trying to find out if this is on me or on them and if it is too late to replant. Once I get an answer I will review Harvest Express’ customer service. My hope is that we can still plant another vine this year in it’s place and hopefully have a great growing season.

I took another class at PVCC on vineyard spray so I will need to figure out what to spray soon. According to my class teacher, we do not have to worry about fungi until it is out of the growing sleeve. It is interesting to think that the sleeve creates an environment that will not allow fungi.

Stay tuned for more updates.