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Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 5.56.44 PMAs you know, I have recently reviewed Underground Cellar and told you that I loved the wine and loved the website. Well, here is another wine I acquired from them. The 2008 Hansen Cellars Heritage Pinot Noir was a upgrade that I was awarded from this site. The bottle retails at $20 but through Underground Cellars I got it for $18. Okay, maybe that doesn’t seem like a huge upgrade but hey what does your grocery store give you?

According to the winery’s website, which you can still order this wine:

The grapes come from a single vineyard in the Mendocino (North Coast) Appellation. The region is directly north of the Sonoma Appellation, and about 100 miles north of San Francisco.  The vineyard is among the hills and mountains that lay along the rugged Pacific Ocean coastline of northern California. The climate is mildly warm during the day and very cool in the evenings. This Pinot Noir from Mendocino, California (Northern Coast) is light and fruit forward, with nuances of strawberries and pomegranate.  Light on your palate with soft tannins on the finish.  This is an old world style of Pinot Noir, higher acidity makes this the perfect food wine. Foods that would pair nicely with this Pinot Noir:  Roasted Chicken, Salmon, Halibut, Grilled Chicken Salad, Omelets, and Quiche.

So not to be confused with their regular Pinot Noir from Lodi, which I would be interested to try and compare. i do find it really cool that these grapes come from a single vineyard. I wonder if this vineyard is having troubles now or are they set to release the vintages on a delay like this. So how is the wine?

Color – Very light and transparent with ruby color.

Nose – Aromatic, smoky with almost a smoked meat scent.

Taste – It honestly started out with light cherry fruit and it transforms in your mouth to fine cured italian prosciutto or other cured meats. Very complex and I am surprised that it doesn’t pick that up in it’s description.

Finish – Very balanced wine both in taste and acid. It lingers long continues to get smoky.

Overall, this is a wine I have never experienced before. It is so complex and really hardly fruit forward it really shows what a complex wine can be. You will either love it or hated it. The first bottle we had I wasn’t a fan but I really appreciate it for what it is. What confuses me the most is that their description mentions nothing of it. Maybe it is because it is so shocking they didn’t want to scare people away?

Rating: A