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Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 7.15.40 PMFirst off, I should say that this wine was given as a gift so to be critical of a wine that was given as a gift is usually not my style. With that said all wines must stand on their own, no matter the price and no matter the situation of acquirement. We decided to put a pizza in the oven and why not pair it with an Italian Primitivo? This led us to the 2012 Epicuro Primitivo.

I cannot find the website so this will be a quick review. What do we know? First, we know that this wine retails for less than $10 and that it was made exclusively for Trader Joe’s according to Gil Lempert-Schwarz of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He gives his own review but it is a little much for this site. Oh how I wish I had that much to say about this wine.

Color – Dark and Inky.

Nose – Black cherry and some black pepper.

Taste – Tart, acidic with more black cherries.

Finish – Lingers but is simple. Not a complex wine.

Overall, in it’s price range, it is decent. It went well with Pizza and we were able to finish the bottle. Would I purchase myself? No. It beat Yellow Tail and doesn’t get as jammy as those. I would pass on this in the store, if I was you.

Rating: C+