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Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 6.16.18 PMFor my wife and I, this has become one of our favorite wineries in Virginia. It is small locally owned and operated by a great couple who just opened their tasting room. We had the fortunate invitation to join them on this special occasion to see the winery that had the tasting room in their own basement explode into a great tasting room. For a while, we had a bottle of the 2012 Cobbler Mountain Chardonnay and for this semi-warm rainy spring day we decided to open it.

If there is one varietal that is great to drink by itself and great to drink with food, it is a Chardonnay. Now, we recently had the Gabriele Rausse Chardonnay so this is somewhat of a battle of my two favorite winemakers in Virginia. This is what Cobbler Mountain Cellar’s website says about this wine:

Shimmering notes of pear and crisp apple.  Aged 50% in Oak & 50% in stainless tanks yields playful citrus effects for a refreshing cocktail at the end of a long day.  Delicious paired with simmered Lemon Chicken & Capers, or Halibut with Cream Sauce.  The clusters of champagne colored berries were saturated by Summer floods during their infancy, nearly buried in the Blizzards of ’09 and later thrived during the droughts of record-high temps of late Summer. Meanwhile, Mother Nature sent Robins to nest and start new life inside the green canopy and heavy trellis. This refreshing Chardonnay remembers a past and pours the gifts of sunshine, mountain and the winemaker’s care into your glass.

So how does it compare?

Color – Lightly golden with great clarity.

Nose – Little bit of butter and lemon.

Taste – The 50/50 split on the oak and stainless give you the right amount to oak to butter ratio. It does have a bit of an acidic kick to it.

Finish – Long and lingering. It stays there like the big oaky Chardonnays but it is more pleasant in the after taste.

Overall, another very good Virginia Chardonnay. The wine is very balanced even with that bright acidic feeling. I think the Rausse one had just a hint more of flavor but this is like splitting hairs between to olympic gold medal winners. You could not go wrong with this one.

Rating: A-