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Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 5.07.09 PMI have slowed down on my experimentations with wine clubs and saving the best for last. Underground Cellar, who randomly advertised to me on Facebook, has quickly become one of my favorite sites. The reason why I titled this “Wine Website” is because Underground Cellars is not a club in the sense that you are required to buy a certain amount of wine every month or every quarter. Instead, this is a club that is free to sign up and all they do is send you amazing deals on wine with the chance at free upgrades.

For example, you may get an offer for a base bottle of wine usually between the prices of $17-$40 then it will list percentages of possible upgrades of usually 4 or more bottles of wine. It even tells you right away if you get upgrades or not.

Obviously, the more you buy the better chance you have at upgrading to a more expensive bottle. One thing that this website has that no other has is a Cloud Cellar. In the world were everything is “cloud” this and “cloud” that, this is the best use of a cloud that I have ever seen. Only want to purchase 1 or 2 bottles of a deal and do not want to pay $12 shipping? Perfect! Store your wine in the cloud cellar and wait until you get 12 bottles to ship for free.

Could it get even better?

It does. Most of these wines you cannot find in your local grocery store and, in most cases, at your local wine shop. These wines are coming straight from the wineries and the production is to small to wholesale. I was on their today and there was a $48 dollar bottle that all you had to pay is $28 dollars a bottle and only 45 cases of this wine was made! (Sadly, I did not get that upgrade. I bought three bottles and got 2 of the base wine and the $32 bottle that only 46 cases were made.) Okay, so nothing really to whine about there but really cool deals and really cool stories.

So the moment of truth? The wine deals are great. The website is great. The Cloud Cellar is amazing. But the bottom line is… How are the wines?

Well, first, I have reviewed the Sausal Zinfandel that I acquired from them before here. And soon, I will have a lot more to come. I have yet to have a wine from this website that was no good. In fact, some of them have such great stories or are so exclusive that I have them saved in my own cellar. One example, is the famed Iron Horse. I paid $40 for 2 bottles and received a bottle of their Cuvee LD which retails at $89. Or another I have a bottle from a vineyard that owns the oldest Zin vines in the U.S. President Grant was in office when they were planted!

Okay, so what is bad? Nothing is perfect. Okay, okay, one time they did “misplace” my order for the Cloud Cellar to ship my wine to me. I contacted them and their great customer service team not only fixed the problem but also followed up to see if it was delivered. I have since shipped from the Cloud Cellar and it shipped right away and should be here Monday according to UPS tracking. The only other bad thing that I can say is that this wine is so good and it is near impossible to find another bottle because the wine they curate is so exclusive.

But then again, if you are like me and are stocking a cellar and buying one bottle to save and one bottle to drink. You almost aways end up with two of the same bottles.

Overall, if you are like me and cannot bring yourself to spend $100 on a bottle of wine but wouldn’t mind buying some wine at $17-40 at a chance to upgrade to the expensive bottle then this site is for you. If you plan on finding one bottle that you love and want to drink that same brand and variety for the rest of your life than this is not the site for you.

But, hey! Who wants the same thing day in and day out? So what are you waiting for sign up and we both get credit!

Rating: A+