ZinsThe one nice thing about traveling for business is enjoying the little things in your hotel room. It could be drinking wine out of a coffee cup that you secretly find funny but despise at the same time. I am currently at a Hyatt Place, which I actually really enjoy and always choice if it is an option and am enjoying my wine out of a high ball glass. I know they carry their own wine made by Mondavi, which isn’t too bad. I also know that I have plenty of bottles at home that I could have brought along…

But I could not bring myself to do it. I kept thinking about rating the wines and enjoying the wines that I have curated and wanted to enjoy them like I usually do. I like wine to breathe for an hour in my decanter and in, well, an actual wine glass.

When you travel do you act differently? Order a martini instead of a glass of wine? Go hide in your room and order room service with a whole bottle to yourself? I personally went to my local Wal-Mart, where I hardly ever buy a bottle of wine and bought a 14 Hands Merlot and a Seven Deadly Zins.

Not cheap bottles by any means but not nice enough that I would worry about consuming in a high ball. So is it even proper for me to review?

Okay, Seven Deadly Zins. Definitely thought it was more than a ploy of the name than a good wine. This is what the website had to say:

“A sinful blend indeed!  Our flagship Zinfandel was devised by the two Phillips brothers in their search for a blended Zin so captivating that no one could refuse. With consistency in mind, the brothers decided to blend the fruit of Lodi’s finest growers to fill the bottles of Michael David’s new-fangled wine. In the end, seven vineyards were chosen for their superiority.  Now, how do you label a wine so unique in style?  Looking to their past, the two Phillips brothers quickly related the Seven Sins from their Catholic school upbringing to the seven Old Vine Zinfandels blended in their wine.

“Fuller and richer with more texture and deeper fruit, it reveals hints of tapenade, new saddle leather, black cherries and black currants. It offers a lot of flavor for its price.”
So a little theatrics. Let’s put it to the test.
Color – Dark,dark, dark with almost no hue on the edges.
Nose – Black cherries and black currants.
Taste – Oak and black pepper with a little bit of dark fruit.
Finish – Lingers with oak but lasting.
Overall, you can tell this is a wine that is mass marketed to everyone. We know that there are good red Zins out there and I am not sure if this is one of them. It does however challenge the everyday grocery store buyers.
Rating: C
~ Justin