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Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 6.55.04 PMOne interesting thing about visiting Virginia wineries is that you can drive up and down the same road 100 times and miss the little blue or sometimes brown signs that will lead you to a winery. For us, Mediterranean Cellars was that. While visiting you can tell that there is not a whole lot of business going on. There was actually only one other group of four their when we were there. Right across the street is a different winery and they had people scattered all over the place. It had to be at least 20.

Tasting at Mediterranean Cellars was interesting to say the least. A lot of the white wines had an interesting taste them that seemed a little off. The reds were much better. When I asked why the vintages were so much older on their tasting sheets I was told it was because “he aged them longer.” Okay, age is good so I asked, “In the barrel or in the bottle?” I got a very unsatisfying “both.”

We left purchasing two bottles of what we tasted as the best the 2007 Cabernet Franc Reserve. Now their website has not been updated for quite some while (it looks) but their wine descriptions do not have any vintages on it. I am assuming that this is an evergreen description of Cabernet Franc. You decide:

Cabernet Franc
Full-bodied, this cabernet franc has been aged for years in French oak. The fresh fruit bouquet is complemented by hints of plum, raspberry, violets and spice on the palate. A wonderful accompaniment especially for meats and game.”

Interesting. So what do we think?

Color – Good clarity, you can see all the way through but not like a classical Pinot Noir.

Nose – Vanilla, black pepper, and light dark fruit. I might even get a hint of the plum they describe.

Taste – Not like those white wines at all. Light fruit with a bit of spice. Slightly jammy. Well-balanced from start to finish.

Finish – Medium to full finish that lingers with a bit of that oak.

Overall, it is a good light Cabernet Franc that visiting the winery (and seeing the label) kind of makes you think that this truly is amateur Virginia wine hour. But the wine doesn’t make you go wow but it is a very good drinkable wine with lots of good flavors. It is light enough for the not all the time red wine drinkers and heavy enough that someone who loves red could enjoy. I just was hoping for a little more complexity in the flavors.

Rating: B-


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