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Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 6.42.50 PMBack when I used to be apart of the Zagat wine club, the 2011 Papaverone Edizione Limitada was one of the few bottles you would get with just one bottle. Most came in and had multiple. It is a really cool labor with a big rose and it is a bit mysterious of what grapes are in this italian wine. This is what Laithwaite’s wine, which I am pretty sure is processed by the same company as Zagat, has to say about this wine:

“Amarone, the Grand Cru version of Valpolicella, is the inspiration behind the limited edition Papaverone. Maestro Scipione Giuliani has created this fine wine version of Il Papavero by taking a rigorous selection of highest quality Sicilian grapes and semi drying them prior to crushing and fermentation. The extra concentrated juice translates into a wine of exceptional colour and rare concentration. A fifth generation winemaker (and quintessential gent), ‘Scipi’ is the mastermind behind a handful of our bestselling Italian wines, from the legendary Papavero range to the characterful Villa Mare. But he’s really outdone himself here. Packed with dark cherry and plum fruit and exotic spice and with silken tannins, it’s best with hearty food.”

Sicilian grapes so maybe some Nero d’Avula? What did we think?

Color – Deep dark with very little purple hue on the edges.

Nose – Black cherry and dark fruit with a hint of chocolate.

Taste – Velvety smooth. Black cherry jam but not jammy. (If that makes sense).

Finish – Doesn’t feel overly dry but it really fills your mouth. This wine has a finish that is so long that you could probably take a sip and get hints of it for almost an hour.

Overall, very delicious wine. This one should be drank with no food and by itself. We didn’t do that but it does stand alone. I would highly recommend for anyone. Real smooth wine.

Rating: A

~ Justin

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