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Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 7.27.37 PMRing! Ring! Ring! Darn telemarketers always calling at dinner. But wait, the caller ID said “Napa CA.” Could this be a wine telemarketer? Well, kind of. A short while back, I gave a not so positive review of the NakedWines.com. It seems like they knew that I had just opened, what I think is the last wine from them the 2013 Angel’s Reserve Malbec.

Needless to say, somehow my account is active again with a nice credit. The representative was very nice and he told me I made a good argument but that they were a young company with more wines on the way.

But anyways, back to the wine. If you are into wine you might have been wondering 2013? Really? That was 3 months ago. But remember that the southern hemisphere’s growing season is in reverse so my hope is this wine has been able to be barrel aged or at least bottled aged.

Once again, with this wine, you can only be a Naked Wines “Angel” to receive it and until that phone call. I had to be one to even log back on and see a description of the wine. According to their website, it’s normal price is $21.99 but for “Angels” it is $9.99. Now you can see how they get their “Angels.”

Oh wait, there is no description on their website. Interesting. Here is my take:

Color – Very dark purple with little to no transparency.

Nose – Dark berry fruit and some black pepper.

Taste – Blackberry fruit tart. Very smooth.

Finish – Good tannic wine that lingers in your cheeks.

Overall, probably one of the best wines I have had from Naked Wines. Maybe I should consider using my credits to just buy bottles of this.

Rating: B+