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Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 7.24.06 PMOn December 6th, 2013, my lovely wife and I got married at a very beautiful location in Bealton, Virginia called Morais Vineyards. Owned by Jose Morais, who made his living in the cement truck business built a gorgeous Portugese style villa with a working winery. Most of their wine is unvintaged here but it is not clear why because they actually make pretty decent wines.

As you can see from their website, it is more about the weddings for them. It must be their main source of profit at this location. But hey, can you blame them look at the location.

Today, we are tasting one of the wines I selected for our rehearsal dinner, which is the Morais Vineyards Rose. I will tell you I did this instead of a white for that dinner and it was a hit with only one bottle being left to carry over to the reception. The website states that it has won both a bronze and silver metal in two different competitions. it describes it as:

“A visually stunning wine with a magnificent soft pink color.

This well-received rosé is crafted solely from cabernet franc grapes, producing a beautifully balanced wine with a delicate blend of berries.”

So how is it?

Color – Yeah, it is visually stunning alright. It is a bright strawberry and cherry color that is only a shade darker than Pinot Noir.

Nose – Not very aromatic. Maybe a faint hint of that cherry but I am getting a hard read on this one.

Taste – Tart fruit with just a little bit of strawberry.

Finish – Refreshing and gone fast. Not overly dry like some dry Rose’s can be. It might have a trace amount of residual sugar but it is not sweet.

Overall, it is a great patio wine. It is super light and would go with almost any seafood dish. It is a great wine that everyone would like white or red drinkers. It would rate higher if the wine had a little more flavor and complexity.

Rating: B-