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Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 7.29.09 PMLocated in Stafford, Virginia, Potomac Point Winery is a nice little winery getaway near route 1 that when driving there looks nothing like rural anything. You might hit traffic and you definitely pass some interesting houses that were lost in the suburban sprawl that is Northern Virginia.

We bought 2 bottles of their 2010 Potomac Point Petit Verdot with the theory of one to drink and one to age. Their description on the website is:

“Deep rich color with a unique bouquet of pepper, smoked wood, hay and leather. It has an accent of black currant. A velvety feel in the mouth but with strong and long tannins. It should be paired with strongly flavored food, robust meat and aged cheeses.

Bottle Price: $26.99
Club Price: $24.29”

So how was it?

Color – Very dark purple with almost no clarity on the edges.

Nose – Faint. I do get the pepper and smoked wood but even after letting it sit out for over an hour, it still hasn’t opened up much.

Taste – Lighter than it looks but still medium-bodied. Earthy with a hint of leather and maybe tobacco?

Finish – Lingers for quite a while and the wood and leather open up a little more.

Overall, good Virginia Petit Verdot. I think it could age for a little bit longer and who knows that “retro” label might come back by then.

Rating: B+

~ Justin