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photo 1When I work out, I watch Master Chef and now Junior Master Chef on Hulu. Ironic right? Watching delicious food while working out. Recently, switching to Junior Master Chef, one of their challenges was to cooked Beef Wellington. I thought to myself, if 8-12 year olds could make this so could I. 

Have no fear, the internet and Chef Gordon Ramsey are here. As they say on his show this is his signature dish after all.

A very technical dish, I turned to an online video by Gordon Ramsey and a few other recipes around the internet. Beef Wellington on a random Sunday? Call me crazy but practice for a possible family get together dish always needs a dry run.

We went to the grocery store and picked up the necessary ingredients: 2 beef filets, garlic, fresh thyme, frozen puff pastry sheets, shallots, Prosciutto di Parma, mushrooms, salt & pepper, eggs, and coarse ground mustard.

This is not a recipe that is for those who want a quick turnaround. I would say it took me a good 2 and 1/2 hours, with some interruptions.

First, you take the filets and sear them until brown on the outside. You are not cooking them! You let them rest while you covered them in that coarse ground mustard.

Next, you combine the mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and fresh thyme and make a paste in a food processor. We only had a magic bullet so it was a fight. I used porcini and regular white mushrooms to give it a little more flavor. You put them in a dry pan until all the moisture is removed from the mushrooms.

photo 2When that is done you lay out the prosciutto overlapping on plastic wrap and place the filets on it and roll tightly tying the ends. I did learn that our normal plastic wrap was barely wide enough to fit everything in it. Put in the fridge to rest 15 mins. I am not sure what this does but hey, if Gordon says do it. You do it.

While that is doing its thing, you take the thawed sheets of puff pastry and lay that on a new layer of plastic wrap. You take the now dried mushroom paste and use the back of a spoon to rub an even thin paste so that when the 15 mins is up you can take the wrapped filet and roll it in the puff pastry. Once again tight and making sure you twist the ends off. With the small plastic wrap, this really got interesting.

Put that in the fridge to rest for 15 mins. Now, in the video Gordon says bake at 200 degrees but every other recipe said in the 400 range. Sorry, Gordon, but going to have to with Chef Google at this point. When it has sat in the fridge long enough you take a yellow egg yoke wash and paint it all over.

With a little bit of olive oil in a pan, you place the now big balls of goodness in the oven. Middle shelf and I had two small thermometers, that came with steak knifes I got a while back, to get the temperature. For me this is hard because I have never done beef in the oven. I am more of a grilling guy.

It only took about 20 minutes before I saw them creeping up past med-rare. That means time to pull them out and set for 10 mins.

How did I do? The puff pastry could have been a little done more. Maybe a little more egg wash? But when cutting right in the middle, I felt myself in front of Gordon Ramsey for the moment of truth.photo 3

We cut into them and they were cooked perfect med-rare. It was also a different kind of medium rare that I was used to. I like a nice cut at this temperature but sometimes you have to be careful grilling. I do not like when med-rare becomes stringy or chewy. Nope, this was like a perfect roast.

We paired it with the previously reviewed 2010 Cooper Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.

You definitely needed a rich wine to go with such a rich dish. Shoot, it may even make me grade the wine harder. But this dish was divine.

Probably the best thing I have ever personally cooked. The beef was perfect with the light mustard and creamy mushroom sauce just blew you away. The puff pastry helped bring some more texture to the dish. I will tell you both steaks combined were not even a pound, but if you make this you only need one steak for two people.

It was like a freight train of goodness. We could hardly get up from the dinner table after a slice and a half.

Not a light dish. Definitely serve it with a touch of mash potatoes. Put the combination on your fork and it was amazing.

Overall, I would recommend this to try for any family gathering. You don’t need that much beef. I would just offer it with a few sides. Note: I am not a Chef by any means. At best, I grill well.

If you do not believe me on how easy and delicious this dish is. Try it for yourself!