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Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 7.41.50 PMIf anyone has ever received a package from almost anyone, you know they insert some “deals.” Me, being the sucker for any wine deal out there stumbled across Naked Wines. It was a good deal. I cannot remember exactly but I think I paid $79 for 6 bottles of wine.

Their premise really attracts you as well. Instead of being a wine club were you are required to buy x a number of wines per month/quarter. You loan them $40 dollars every month. This $40 goes to small time winemakers to help them make wines that will be exclusive to the “Angels.”

Yes, that’s right. If you do this you become an “Angel.”

So that sounds all fine and dandy but how are the wines. Well, first, the exclusivity is cool. You know you are getting a wine that they cannot get at the grocery store. You also have a label on the back that 99% of the time thanks the “Angels.”

It feels good to be apart of something, but does it taste good.

Most of the wines were decent. They weren’t amazing and they weren’t horrible. They are all screw top so I wouldn’t recommend for people who don’t like them or are into aging wine. This is sad news because most of their wines are super fruit forward. I mean they redefine fruit forward and therefore would benefit from some aging.

Overall, is the wine club bad. No, but there are definitely some better ones out there. This is for your everyday wine drinker who wants to feel good and get some fruit forward wines.

Rating: C+