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Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 7.40.56 PMPersonally, I love almost all Cabernet Francs that I have ever tasted. In Virginia, the grape has done well and quickly rose to my favorite. When I closed my account with Naked Wine club, I used my credits to buy one last case. Over time, we have been slowly drinking their very young wines with screw tops made by small time winemakers. But I had to try a Cabernet Franc from California!

The 2012 Jacqueline Bahue Cabernet Franc blew me away. It is by far the best wine from that website. Unfortunately, this wine can only be found at the Naked Wines website. ┬áThere are no tasting notes on their website but it does say that “87 percent of its 2,022 raters would buy this wine again.” The good news is if you join the club the wine is only $8.99.

Also, we included this in our meal tonight. On the menu, we had seared lamb chops with a balsamic reduction and steamed pea pods. I can tell you that the wine paired perfectly. For the first time you will get to see pictures of both.Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 7.41.10 PM

Color – Bright Violet.

Nose – Mocha and Dark Fruit

Taste – Black pepper (not as much as a VA Cab Franc) and chocolate with bold blackberries. Not jammy at all.

Finish – Medium-Long with great mouthfeel.

Overall, I was surprised by this young wine. It was very good first California Cabernet Franc and for the money you can not beat this. Hopefully, this start up winemakers will open her own vineyard one day.

Rating: A+