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Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 6.25.56 PMWith spring around the corner, it is time for this blog to turn into a constant Rose wine blog. Okay, maybe not, but I do love some Rose. We recently had a deck built onto our house and it got cold before we got to really enjoy it. So we are really looking forward to enjoying Rose wine in the warm spring and summer days.

Hopefully, we will be enjoying wines like the 2013 Wonderful Wine Co. Rose, which is made of Tempranillo from Spain but bottled in California. This one is from Club W but it is currently on sale at Amazon.com. Of course, you cannot ship to Virginia.

Here are Amazon.com’s wine notes and as always Club W has a video:

This rouge bottle of WWC is a delicious, all-natural, vegan Tempranillo rosé. If you like the drier styles of rosé that are characteristic of Provence, this is a great bottle to try. You’ll get that classic dry finish, with an extra oomph of peach and strawberry that is characteristic to Spanish Tempranillo in this style.

So how was it?

Color – Orangish-pink.

Nose – Strawberry and mango.

Taste – Peach, strawberry and citrus. Maybe Grapefruit.

Finish – Dry, crisp, medium acid and pretty rounded.

Overall, this is a pretty good, simple, light Rose. It didn’t have too much complexity but it did have more body than most Rose. It has a little bit less flavor though. Not a whole lot to say about this but it would pair well with a deck and some warm weather.

Rating: B