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Stuck in the airport in Charlotte with a delay to go to Vegas for business. We at least found an interesting wine bar in the main atrium called beaudevin, which has the subtitle “all the beauty of wine.”

They feature four wines from Carolina and 31 other wines from around the world. They have five flights that seem a little pricey for 3 oz. pours. You have your choices on the rest of the wines of 3 oz., 6 oz., 9 oz. and full bottle. They also have a featured wine list with 6 more wines.

Of course, with airport pricing everyone seems kind of pricey but the atmosphere is nice. The bar is nicely decorated with wine glass chandeliers, empty green bottles, and stainless steel wine dispensers. 

It is helpful that they do label the wines with different colors on the menu for their characteristics like floral elegance and plush & fruity.

Now the service was quite slow. In fact, I was able to write all of that between the time I ordered and got my glass of wine.

They also have a lot of sandwich which looks good for lunch.

First up, I ordered the Shelton Estate, Madison Lee White Blend under the Carolina Favorites section. This is from Dobson and is a blend of Chardonnay, Viogner, and Sauvignon Blanc.

The 9 oz. pour was a little much and I would recommend 6 oz. I was think 8 oz. as normal serving what is one more but it is huge.

This is my first taste of a wine from Carolina. I know how hard it is to grow grapes in Virginia so I was curious to try these wines. Carolina is know more for its sweet Muscat wines.

The blended white has a golden color and the nose is a muted Apple and Pear. On taste it is pretty much the same with a slight floral taste to it. It seems to have a hint of oak involved but not buttery. I really don’t pick up any notes from the Sauvignon Blanc. I am even happier that it is dry. Rating: B/B-

Next up we have the Biltmore Wines, “Reserve” Cabernet Sauvignon from Asheville. I am not omitting the years they do not have them on there. The color is very dark red. On the nose I get black cherry and cedar. The mouthfeel is bold and full-bodied. Long finish, high acid, and big bold tannins. Black cherries and raspberry with lots of vanilla on the taste. Rating: B+

The wine bar seems nice but pricey and probably the best place to go as far as the bar goes. It also lets you try all kinds of different wines but that bill will rack up quick.

But if you are stuck you are stuck. Cheers!