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Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.44.50 PMFor the longest time, I did not know the difference between a Barolo wine and a Babaresco wine so I decided to look into it a little bit. From what I understand both are comparable to each other based upon usage of the same grape, which is Nebbiolo but it just depends upon what area is comes from.

This brings us to today’s selection of the 2009 Cascina Bruciata Babaresco from Italy. It should be no surprise to anyone that this one comes from Underground Cellar and was in a deal about Italian wines. I personally have not had a whole lot of Barbarescos so I am excited to try this one.

The tasting notes come from a website called Wine Library, which says the retail was $45 and that they were selling it for a “deal” at $34.98:

“Fragrant floral aromas, ripe and fleshy, with a delicious medley of juicy plum, black cherry and raspberry scent, finishing with a rich aftertaste and a long run of berry flavors highlighted by a toffee scent. This wine was born to be paired with only the best quality porcini mushrooms, sheep’s milk cheese and a beautiful evening with people you love.”

“The vines for our Barbaresco were planted more than 30 years ago by the present owner’s grandfather. Like all the estate’s vineyards, these Nebbiolo vines are planted in the prestigious Rio Sordo cru and their deep roots produce wines that excel in quality and personality in every vintage.” –Winery

“Until recently the vineyards of Cascina Bruciata (“house on fire”) produced fruit that was purchased by Gaja and the Giacosa brothers of Neive among others. Marino Balbo (father) would have continued on this path were it not for the wish of his son Carlo who wanted to bottle a family wine instead. In 2000, Carlo established the brand Cascina Bruciata. He owns 7.5 hectares including three in the celebrated Rio Sordo cru.” – Winery

You have to respect someone who wants to make their own wine. So how was it?

Color – Deep ruby red.

Nose – Cherry, rose, and leather.

Taste – Black and red cherries with some notes of mocha or chocolate.

Finish – Long with high acid and some seriously bold tannins.

Overall, this is a great bold wine that would go amazingly with a steak. I had it by itself so I can only imagine. It is not too heavy as it is medium to full-bodied but bold bright fresh fruit. I highly recommend trying this one, if you want a good taste of Italy.

Rating: A-