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Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 1.58.57 PMMost french wine labels are pretty simple. They usually show a Chateau or some other figure like a horse and just provide the basic information of what region is it from. I have noticed lately that a lot of french winemakers are putting out wines that that meant for early consumption with more modern eye catching labels.

The 2011 Mademoiselle L Haut-Medoc from Bordeaux is one of those. With the uncapitalized title going vertically and what almost looks like a potted plant that are actually holes in the label, this one is not traditional. This one is from Underground Cellar and was bundled with a few other french Bordeaux.

It is 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon. Their website only gives a brief description of the wine and the other searches on Google have very poorly translated tasting notes. Here is the best one I can find but I am not sure if they really mean to say it tastes like peaches:

  • Eye:Pretty ruby

  • Nose:delicate floral and fruity nose, hint of vanilla

  • Taste:Opens with flavors of fresh red fruits with peach notes backed by a subtle woody and sweet tannins and creamy, the final of a pretty long, is fresh and delicious.

  • Drink from:From now

  • Drink before:2018

  • Open:1 / 2H before serving

  • Serve:Serve between 16 ° C and 18 ° C

So how was it?

Color – Deep ruby red.

Nose – Cranberries, herbs, and a hint of green pepper.

Taste – Cranberry with some earth, maybe cedar and toast.

Finish – Medium with medium in acid and in tannins.

Overall, this is a smooth but lighter in flavor than most. It isn’t too complex and is a very good drink now wine. I would recommend this on it’s own as the flavors are more subtle and the body is medium. With saying that it is still a good wine.

Rating: B+