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Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.45.40 AMMost people drink Champagne or sparkling wines on special occasions but it is funny that a lot of times the cheapest ones are picked to avoid cost. I believe this is because most people do not enjoy a good sparkling wine or Champagne.

When my wife and I got married we opted not to have Champagne on the tables during the toast. I could not imagine having a nice enough sparkling wine on the table that I would cringe to see those half empty bottles laying around. And I couldn’t bring myself to have a cheap sparkling that would ensure half empty bottles.

For no particular reason, my wife and I opened a bottle of 2011 Schramsberg Blanc De Blancs. This is a sparkling wine from California. This one was the buy-in bottle for an Underground Cellars deal, which I also got an amazing upgrade to a 1990 French rose Champagne.

The bottle retails at the winery for $38.00 and here are their tasting notes:

Tasting Notes – “The 2011 Blanc de Blancs has fresh aromas of green apple, pear, grapefruit and lime zest. The fruitful nose is complemented by developed nuances of “fresh from the oven” bread and candied citrus. Generous flavors of grapefruit, lime and pineapple are present in this wine. The palate is crisp on entry with a long, tangy and refreshing acidity.”
– Winemakers Keith Hock and Hugh Davies

So how was it?

Color – Straw yellow.

Nose – Honeysuckle and pear.

Taste – Green apple, pear, and lemon zest.

Finish – Pretty dry with medium acid.

Overall, this is a pretty good sparkling wine. It doesn’t have that strong lees taste you get from your classic French Champagne, though this wine did lie on it’s lees for  two years. This is one not to be left on a table half empty.

Rating: B+