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Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 1.44.47 PMA few days ago we were talking about aged wines and I reviewed the 2003 Cooper Cabernet Franc and thought it was past peak. To continue that conversation, let’s talk seepage. Seepage is when you see that the top of the cork or some of the foil and label have been touched by wine seeping out of the bottle.

When I opened up today’s selection the 2001 Oriel “Altezza” Brunello di Montalcino there was seepage all the way to the seal from Italy. Like most wine lovers, I was very worried. First, this could be an example of the wine getting too warm or it could be that the cork dried out. Either way there is a chance of oxidation.

I have come across this problem a few other times and sometimes the wines are oxidized and sometime they are not. I do know know if it only for a brief moment that the cork dried out and it was not enough to make it go bad. Good news, I sampled the wine before decanting it for over an hour and it tasted just fine.

The website for the winery does not seem to be working but I did find some winemaker’s notes from the Snooth website:

A velvety Sangiovese from the prestigious southern hills of Montalcino, harvested according to the phases of the moon and then aged for 60 months.

So how was it?

Color – Deep dark red.

Nose – Lots of leather and earthiness to it.

Taste – Leather and earthiness on the palate with some cedar and spice with a hint of fruit.

Finish – Long with high acid and bold tannins.

Overall, this wine was good, unlike the 2003 Cabernet Franc, this is what an aged wine should be. A little bit of the fruit has faded and the nice earthiness complex flavors take the forefront. It did have quite a bit of acid and just felt like you were sipping a rustic wine while relaxing on an Italian villa.

Rating: A-